Press Release: LCDP excited for November election after August Primary

The La Crosse County Democratic Party is extremely proud of our 2022 Democratic nominees, and excited for the November 8 General Election

The La Crosse County Democratic Party is very excited to work with the amazing slate of candidates that have advanced to the General Election in November. Collectively, our candidates represent a strong, diverse and compassionate slate who will work tirelessly for the people of La Crosse County and all residents of Wisconsin. 

We are especially enthused by the election of Senator Brad Pfaff to ensure Democrats retain control of the 3rd CD Wisconsin currently held by Democratic Representative Ron Kind. Brad Pfaff is a Western Wisconsin local who has dedicated his life to supporting the people of the 3rd CD through his expertise and hard work on behalf of farmers and others living and working in rural communities, and on all of us hit by life challenges. . Senator Pfaff promises to use his strong work ethic, deep knowledge of our community and his years of governmental experience to improve the lives of all of us in Western Wisconsinites.

Additionally, the LCDP thanks the other primary candidates for their hard work and dedication to our district, and we certainly look forward to working with them as they advance the aims and principles of the Democratic Party. Our 3rd CD primary was a showcase of civil discourse in politics and proved to all Wisconsinites that elections can be won without stooping to negativity.

Locally, we are pleased to once again have the chance to send Rep. Jill Billings and Rep. Steve Doyle to Madison to continue their work standing up for La Crosse County. Our Democratic Representatives are a major factor in preventing the Wisconsin GOP from having a veto-proof majority in the state legislature. We are also looking forward to the La Crosse County Sheriff race, with La Crosse County Sheriff department Captain John Seigel poised to become the first Democratic sheriff in the county in decades.

We are enthusiastic about ensuring the re-election of Governor Tony Evers, who is now joined by State Rep. Sara Rodriguez as Lt. Governor. Governor Evers has spent the last four years navigating an unprecedented pandemic while delivering better schools and lower taxes for the people of Wisconsin. His veto pen has stopped a conservative onslaught of bills designed to restrict our voting rights and divide us as a state.

After a long campaign which featured 8 candidates, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes proved he was the best person to take on Senator Ron Johnson for Wisconsin Senate. Lt. Governor Barnes’ grassroots support and constant focus on Wisconsin values set him apart and ensured his victory. Now, he looks towards defeating one of the most unpopular Senators in the country and returning the seat to representing the strong, progressive values of Wisconsinites. 

In short, the Democratic candidates stand in stark contrast to the far right wing candidates presented by the GOP. Our candidates will hit hard against the Big Lie that President Trump won Wisconsin and the Presidency instead of accepting the truth of the 2020 election results. 

While the GOP continues to try to score political points by attacking the rights of women and the LGBTQ community, the Democrats are focused on results that make life better for all Wisconsinites.