Written by Democrats’ State Chair Ben Wikler, edited by Ron Malzer

Reasons to see success for Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes, and Down Ballot Candidates:

*Ron Johnson continues his assault on Social Security—saying he wants to “fix” Social Security and that funds should be invested in the stock market. This builds on his proposal to put Social Security on the Congressional chopping block, his defense of Big Pharma and opposition to negotiations on drug prices, and his vote against capping insulin costs. His record is clear—he wants to help special interests rip off Wisconsinites—Republicans, independents, and Democrats alike; white, Black, and brown; in rural communities and cities and suburbs.

*Meanwhile, in the Governor’s race Tim Michels is in hiding, running ads to try to bamboozle Wisconsinites into forgetting the ultra-Trumpist extremism we saw on display mere days ago, on everything from reproductive freedom to public safety to democracy itself. We’re not going to let him get away with that. All over Wisconsin, ads are on the air explaining just how vicious and extreme a politician Tim Michels really is—using video of his own words.

But it’s not enough to explain how bad the other side is. As Democrats, we win when we also show who we are and what we’re for—and then turn out and protect the vote.

*Mandela Barnes is the son of a third-shift auto worker and a public school teacher, and is working to fight against outsourcing so we build things right here in Wisconsin.

Governor Evers, a former teacher, wakes up every day to do what’s right, and is ready to invest even more in our schools, connect even more families to broadband, pave even more roads, and send money from our budget surplus home to Wisconsinites to help people deal with rising costs.

THE INFLATION REDUCTION ACT IS NOW LAW, signed by President Biden. Every Wisconsin Democrat in Congress voted for the Inflation Reduction Act. Every Wisconsin Republican in DC voted against it.

The Inflation Reduction Act:Moves Wisconsin’s economy, and the country’s economy, forward;

*Brings down families’ healthcare costs;

*Tackles the climate crisis,

*Requires the wealthy and big corporations to pay more of their fair share.

The latest polls have us up in both the Governor (by a hair)  and Senate races—and our candidates down ballot have tremendous energy and momentum. But we have to expect that there will be ups and downs in the 81 days until November 8.

Be prepared for GOP commercials claiming tof stand for “law and order”. As for “law”, Ron Johnson was part of the sedition caucus publicly seeking an illegal election overturn, Tim Michels agrees, and Derrick Van Orden brags “I was there” at the January 6 insurrection, but won’t tell us what he did or didn’t there. He is a known bully.

The GOP will try to divide and distract at every turn. We’ll bring the focus back to making Wisconsin a state that works for everyone. We’ll lead with our values—and we’ll make history.