Democrats Work to Help Families While Republicans Falsely Cry “Fraud”

Very real and fundamental freedoms are at stake in the November mid-term elections, critical freedoms that are crucial to the bedrock of our democracy.
Watching the January 6 Committee, it’s clear that we cannot take our many freedoms for granted. Democrats are focused on protecting Americans’ rights and liberty and providing help and support for people’s everyday concerns. Continue reading

Violence Promotion in the Media and Politics Must Be Ended

The horrifying tragedy in Uvalde leaves us all reeling, and wondering what kind of a country we live in. One factor underlying this all is the climate of violence created within our political system, and the media that reports and comments on it. Violence-fomenting has become commonplace. That needs to stop.

For the last six or seven years, America’s political discourse has been very ugly. We are marinating in a broth created by people in positions of power, employing the most vicious and dangerous falsehoods against millions of people, and amplified by people enjoying the suffering of others. Continue reading