Re-Elect Gov. Tony Evers and AG Josh Kaul to halt Republicans’ war on reproductive health

Gov. Evers and AG Kaul will continue to be a brick wall against Republicans’ attacks on health care, and will continue to defend the very simple idea that medical decisions are not political. The most intimate and personal decisions about people’s lives should be made by the people themselves, in consultation with their doctors and their families – an idea supported by the medical community and a majority of our country and state. Continue reading

Roe v Wade Overturned: Wisconsin’s responsibility now…what will it be? 

I am a retired family physician who has delivered many hundreds of babies.  I have been privileged for 50 years to be part of thousands of extremely personal conversations as my responsibility to listen and learn about each person’s individual needs and values; to help each person get the right care they need.  To do that, I needed to put my personal biases aside and deal with medical reality in a compassionate way.   Patient-physician conversations need to be rooted in trust and individual respect.  It’s a basic foundation of medical care, and what all patients need and expect.   
Roe vs Wade had recognized that women’s decisions about health should be respected as personal and trusted choices. During pregnancy, conflicting options sometimes need to be considered when painful and difficult medical situations arise.  Continue reading