Roe v Wade Overturned: Wisconsin’s responsibility now…what will it be? 

I am a retired family physician who has delivered many hundreds of babies.  I have been privileged for 50 years to be part of thousands of extremely personal conversations as my responsibility to listen and learn about each person’s individual needs and values; to help each person get the right care they need.  To do that, I needed to put my personal biases aside and deal with medical reality in a compassionate way.   Patient-physician conversations need to be rooted in trust and individual respect.  It’s a basic foundation of medical care, and what all patients need and expect.   
Roe vs Wade had recognized that women’s decisions about health should be respected as personal and trusted choices. During pregnancy, conflicting options sometimes need to be considered when painful and difficult medical situations arise.  Continue reading

Violence promotion by media personalities and political leaders needs to stop. Reprinted from the Madison Cap Times.

For the last six or seven years, America’s political discourse has been very ugly. We are marinating in a broth created by people in positions of power, employing the most vicious and dangerous falsehoods against millions of people, and amplified by people enjoying the suffering of others.

Three sources are fomenting violence through fabrications of evil: the Fox outlet, disinformation-saturated social media, and politicians playing on resentment and fear to justify the taking of power, by force or violence if necessary. Continue reading

Republicans Feed Off of Anger and fear

I have always been interested in history. The past is theprogenitor of the present but not everyone views it with thesame lens. Was the Civil War fought over slavery or States’rights or preservation of the union? So, many try to … Continue reading