Upcoming Events

  • Spring Election Day
    Tue Apr 3

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  • LCDP Executive Board Meeting
    Tue Apr 3 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    Ho-Chunk Three Rivers House, 724 Main St., La Crosse
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  • LCDP Regular Meeting
    Mon Apr 16 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
    Ho-Chunk Three Rivers House 724 Main St., La Crosse WI
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Message from the Chairs

As we move into 2018, there is a long road ahead of us. In this election year there are many important offices that need to be filled with qualified candidates with integrity. At the same time, we must continue the work of strengthening our county party by connecting with, understanding, and better serving the allies in our community that share our values.

The new executive board members have now taken their place and held their first meeting.  We will continue the work the LCDP has been doing, as well as developing new projects to help build the political will of La Crosse County.

We are looking to focus the vision of the LCDP, develop a strategic plan for the party, and provide greater clarity on our goals and how we will reach them. We are also planning a restructure and consolidation of the committees of our party. There will be many opportunities to get involved and take the lead in these committees, and we will need all of our members to participate if we are going to change La Crosse County, Wisconsin, and our country as a whole.

The 2018 elections are an obvious focal point for the Executive Board this year.  Electing individuals who share our values is just a first step.  But it is also important to keep in mind that politics is a continuous process, not a discreet set of elections.  As citizens in a democracy, we have a responsibility to participate and become actively involved beyond elections.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.


Chairs' Message

As the year 2017 winds down, Democrats, in general, and the La Crosse County Democratic Party in particular; have responded to the shock of a Trump Presidency with vigor and passion.

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Cooperation between Democrats and Republicans

“The September 17 edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel contained an article [by Ron Kind and Jim Sensenbrenner]… that [says] that our state is neither blue nor red, but rather purple with a long history of leaders from both parties.  So, the state’s leaders should take a bipartisan, common-sense approach to problem solving, with a culture of respect and appreciation for one another…”

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We Need To Unite

We need to unite for health care as a right. We need to assure that the government belongs to everyone. We need to protect our natural resources for the benefit of all. We need to fight so everyone pays their fair share of taxes on income after the basic needs are met.

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