How to Register and Vote at the Polls on Election Day—Tell Your Friends

This is how we as Democrats Win the Mid-Terms on November 8th!

Can I vote even if I haven’t registered by Election Day? Yes!

Who needs to register? Anyone who’s never voted; anyone who hasn’t voted in several years; anyone who’s changed addresses since the last time they voted

How do we register? You bring to the polls a utility bill with your current address on it.

How do we qualify to vote? You need a WI Driver’s License, a DMV Photo ID, a passport, or other government-issued document.

How do I find out where to vote? Go to, or call the League of Women Voters non-partisan Wisconsin Voter Helpline at 608-285-2141. Also, if you are uncertain about anything regarding registering or voting, these two resources are extremely helpful.

What hours are the polls open?  7AM to 8 PM.

How do I help elect progressive Democrats instead of anti-democracy Republicans?

  1. Talk to your friends and family to be sure that they vote.
  2. Volunteer: There are so many ways you can do your part, including going door-to-door, making phonecalls, and texting. 

To sign up, contact field organizer Ailey Brumley using this link:

Will my one vote really matter? Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler:     “The Governor’s race is statistically tied: Governor Evers is 0.4% up against Michels in the fivethirtyeight polling average. The Senate race is statistically tied—the latest CNN poll has Barnes down a single point against Ron Johnson. From everything we can see, the other statewide races—from Attorney General on down—are statistically tied as well.”

What’s at stake?   “I want to be crystal clear about what’s on the ballot this year. Your right to choose is on the ballot. Your Social Security — that you paid for. The safety of your kids from gun violence. The survival of our planet. Your right to vote. Even our democracy is on the ballot.”– President Joe Biden

Saving democracy is a task for all of us. Mid-term elections are decided by who turns out and who stays home. Now is the time to act!!