2024 La Crosse County Election Information


Register to vote online, confirm your registration, and request absentee ballots at myvote.wi.gov

Election Dates
Spring Primary: Tuesday, February 20
(In-person Absentee Voting Feb. 6 – Feb. 16)
Spring General: Tuesday, April 2
(In-person Absentee Voting March 19-March 29)
Primary Elections: Tuesday, August 13
(In-person Absentee Voting July 30-August 9)
General Elections: Tuesday, November 5
(In-person Absentee Voting October 22-November 1)

(In-person Absentee voting times vary by municipality. Check https://lacrossecounty.org/countyclerk/elections/voter-information for early voting information in La Crosse County)