Vital Votes Tues. August 9: Evers, Kaul, Billings, & Doyle

Can you imagine the awful legislation that would become Wisconsin law if the Republican-gerrymandered state legislature is joined by a Republican governor? Extreme right-wing ideas would be written into law.

*Government, not those who are pregnant, would make the decision about who carries to term, and some contraceptives could be banned completely;                                   *Same-sex marriage and gender-affirming care could be outlawed;                            *The state of Wisconsin would be telling local school districts what they cannot teach.

To prevent this nightmare from becoming reality, you need to cast votes Tuesday August on the Democratic side for:

*Gov. Tony Evers, so that he can defeat the extremist Republican candidate in November; *Attorney General Josh Kaul, who is already in court along with Gov. Evers to overturn bad current law; and Representatives Steve Doyle and Jill Billings, who stand firmly on progressive values.