LCDP Endorsements for the 2024 April Local Election!

2024 April Election LCDP Candidate Endorsement Slate

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La Crosse County Board of Supervisors Endorsements.

County District 1: Kelly Leibold

County District 3: David Pierce

County District 5: Emily (Em) Anderson

County District 6: Grant Mathu

County District: 8: Peg Isola

County District 9: Dawn Wacek

County District 10: Kim Cable

County District 12: Randy Erickson

County District 19: Rick Cornforth

County District 20: Steve Doyle

County District 21: Emily Onsager

County District 22: Joe Kovacevich

County District: 24: Kristie Tweed

La Crosse School Board:

Write-In Jake Williams

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin endorses a “No” vote on the two Constitutional amendments. These amendments, based on 2020 GOP Voting Conspiracy Theories, will make Wisconsin elections less safe and less accessible.