A Historic Time to Join the La Crosse County Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin

A Historic Time to Join the La Crosse County Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin!

Your membership in the party pays for our county office space, materials to inform voters of important candidates and issues, and supplies for volunteers and canvassers to make their work more effective and efficient. Without your support, we do not have the ability to fight for Democratic and Progressive values in La Crosse and across Wisconsin.

Join LCDP at www.laxdems.com/join-the-party

Some join to get involved in volunteering with the Party.
Some join to advocate for specific issues and policies.
Some join as a donation to the Democratic Party.
Everyone who joins helps elect Democratic candidates in Wisconsin.

Join for $25 a year. $35 for families at one address. $10 a year for those on a limited income

Join LCDP at www.laxdems.com/join-the-party

2024 will be a landmark election year in Wisconsin! Why?

Once in a generation chance to flip the WI Legislature
With the passage of fair maps, Democrats have the opportunity to make historic gains in the Wisconsin Assembly and State Senate. This is the first election in 13 years that Wisconsin elections will not be conducted using the most gerrymandered maps in the country. With your help, DPW will have the resources to flip these legislatures and pass meaningful reforms in Wisconsin.
Electing Biden and defeating Trump and Trumpism

President Biden has been a remarkably effective leader, despite continued obstruction from the Republican Party. Our economy is booming. We made landmark investments in infrastructure, forgiven billions in student loans, protected civil rights around the country and much more. Preventing the chaos and retribution of a second Trump Presidency is vital. Additionally, defeating Trump means proving to the GOP that Trumpism and demagoguery is a losing strategy, forcing them to return to saner, more competent candidates in the future.

Protecting Sen. Tammy Baldwin and maintaining Democratic control of the Senate.
Democrats face a tough Senate map this election cycle, and Republicans see the Senate as their best chance to hold on to some type of power after 2024. The GOP considers Wisconsin one of their best chances to flip a seat in the Senate, and they have recruited a California billionaire who has pledged to spend up to $20 of his own money to defeat Baldwin. We must do everything possible to return Tammy Baldwin to Washington!

Defeating DVO and restoring sane leadership to the US House.
Rep. Derrick Van Orden was elected in 2022 and immediately became a national embarrassment. His extreme beliefs and willingness to indulge the worst instincts of the far-right makes him a poor fit to represent Western Wisconsin. Defeating DVO is vital to restoring character and integrity to Washington.

Join LCDP at www.laxdems.com/join-the-party