Sham GOP Investigation in Chaos; The Big Lie Continues – Gableman Admits He Doesn’t Understand How Elections Work

Sham GOP Investigation in Chaos; The Big Lie Continues – Gableman Admits He Doesn’t Understand How Elections Work

 Ben Wikler, Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin and Ron Malzer, La Crosse County Democratic Party

This week, the Wisconsin GOP legislature’s pick to “investigate” 2020’s election said he doesn’t understand how elections work.

“Most people, myself included, do not have a comprehensive understanding or even any understanding of how elections work,” he said. That’s a direct quote.

If your new mechanic is raising up your car on the lift for an inspection and casually mentions that he doesn’t have a comprehensive understanding—or even any understanding—of how cars work, get your car out of there as fast as possible.

Michael Gableman’s ignorance surrounding elections—and inability to even send a simple email message that doesn’t raise major security flags from IT departments, or issue a typo-free subpoena, or decide what documents he wants cities to send him—illustrates what a complete, ultra-partisan sham this GOP “investigation” is.

Republicans’ attack on Wisconsin’s transparent, legitimate, certified, recounted, confirmed 2020 election is about one thing: creating a pretext to undermine future elections. It’s a ghastly waste of public money and time in order to supplicate to Trump, who lost.

There’s really just one way to answer the attack: we’ve got to fight hard to re-elect Governor Evers who believes in democracy and has demonstrated that he’ll back that up with his veto pen. Gov. Evers is the last line of defense for our democracy. Let’s ensure he’s there for four more years.

Senator Ron Johnson is also playing his part in the Big Lie campaign. When attorney James Troupis filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate 240,000 votes from Milwaukee and Madison, Johnson was thrilled enough to invite him to present nationally as part of a “hearing” of the Johnson-led Senate Homeland Security Committee.

The GOP Big Lie campaign started in 2016, within one week of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Trump publicly put out the false allegation that 3 to 5 million of the voters who cast votes for Hillary Clinton did so illegally. He ordered, at taxpayer’s expense, an “investigation” headed up by then-Vice President Mike Pence. Subpoenas were issued, intruding into the sacred privacy of the vote.

Of course, Ron Johnson failed to denounce this abuse of office, finding it useful for promoting the GOP agenda.

The Big Lie must stop. The only way that will happen is for us to vote its GOP proponents out of office in 2022.