Press Release: 3rd CD Democratic Party honors Sen. Pfaff’s decision to protect his Senate seat in 2024

Press Release: 3rd CD Democratic Party honors Sen. Pfaff’s decision to protect his Senate seat in 2024.

The 3rd CD Democrats of Wisconsin applaud Sen. Brad Pfaff’s announcement that he will seek reelection to Wisconsin 32nd Senate District. Senator Pfaff is an outstanding legislator, and all of Wisconsin benefits from his experience and passion for his constituents. This announcement also means he will be forgoinging a rematch with Republican Derrick Van Orden in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District.

This decision highlights Senator Pfaff’s dedication to the people of Wisconsin. Senator Pfaff knows, better than most, the importance of ensuring Democratic values are heard in Madison. With the possibility of fair maps giving Democrats an opportunity to regain control of the state Legislature, he sees tremendous opportunity to affect real change in the state.

According to William Garcia, chair of the 3rd CD Democrats of Wisconsin, “Republican representative Derrick Van Orden has proven himself unfit for office. Given the closeness of the race in 2022, and Van Orden’s increased vulnerability in the district, the chance of a rematch for the 3rd CD seat must have been enticing. But Brad Pfaff’s dedication to Wisconsin and the people he serves is too strong.”

“As he has done so many times in his career, Senator Pfaff has chosen to stand up for Western Wisconsin. Senator Pfaff’s announcement means the Democratic Party will be better able to protect Governor Evers from automatic veto overrides, and Sen. Pfaff’s voice will be crucial as Democrats work to retake the Wisconsin Legislature and restore sanity and common sense to Madison. Senator Pfaff’s reelection announcement all but ensures the citizens of Western Wisconsin will have calm and rational representation in state politics.”

The 3rd CD Democrats of Wisconsin stand behind Brad’s decision and look forward to working closely with him during his 2024 State Senate campaign.

Looking towards the 3rd CD race in 2024, the 3rd CD Democrats expect a robust primary and a strong challenge to the Republican incumbent. Van Orden’s vulnerability in the district is clear. Says Garcia, “Democrats in the 3rd CD have a strong bench of candidates well positioned to take on Van Orden’s far-right, extremist agenda, Van Orden’s policies are out-of-step with Western Wisconsin, and his character issues continue to prove to voters that he is unfit for office.”