Evers, Barnes Stand Strong Against GOP/MAGA Extremism

by Ben Wikler, Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin

Tim Michels’ Radical Abortion Position Crosses the Line


In audio released this week from a 2004 WPR interview, Tim Michels said he supports forcing a 12-year-old rape victim to give birth, and would tell her her pregnancy was “created by god.” Michels has supported a restrictive, no-exception abortion policy for decades, and this year called the 1849 law that includes no exceptions for rape or incest an “exact mirror” of his position and said he will not “soften” his stance.


It’s clear that Tim Michels will not defend bodily autonomy or fight to restore reproductive freedom in Wisconsin. His comments about abortion throughout his political career are not only radical, but cruel and out-of-line. Governor Evers is the only pro-choice candidate running for governor and will continue to fight Wisconsin’s 1849 criminal abortion ban and do the right thing to restore reproductive freedom in our state.


Lt. Gov. Barnes Dominates Debates Against Self-Serving Ron Johnson


During two debates over two weeks, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes demonstrated that he is the only candidate in the race for U.S. Senate who will serve Wisconsin. Ron Johnson is in Washington focused on his self-serving agenda, securing tax breaks for his biggest donors, threatening to cut Social Security and Medicare, and refusing to fight for Wisconsin jobs.


Lt. Gov. Barnes forcefully called out Johnson’s callous support for an abortion ban without exceptions for rape or incest, his efforts to overturn the will of the people on January 6, and his record of enriching himself and his donors at the expense of Wisconsin taxpayers while reminding Wisconsinites that he will fight to codify Roe v. Wade as federal law, pass the Freedom to Vote Act, rebuild the middle class, and bring manufacturing jobs back home.


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