2018 Fall Dinner Gallery

The LCDP Fall Dinner was held on Friday, October 19 at the Brickhouse in La Crosse. With appearances by Jill Billings, Steve Doyle, Jen Shilling, Ron Kind, and keynote speaker Sarah Godlewski (Democratic candidate for State Treasurer), and with plenty of good food and camaraderie, a fine time was had by all.

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LCDP Office Grand Opening

On Saturday, July 28, we held a grand opening for our coordinated campaign office at 115 Fifth Avenue South in La Crosse, with over 50 people attending.

Who’s On Your Side?

In a recent news report on the 2016 election, impoverished West Virginia coal miners were asked why they voted for Trump. They said “he seems to be on our side”. I believe they were gravely mistaken.

Trump and the Republican Party are not on the side of working people and they never will be. Republicans like Trump are manipulative con artists who fool people into believing empty promises that are instantly broken on inauguration day.

Whose side are Republicans on? Meet Don Blankenship, who owned a big coal mining company in West Virginia. He played fast and loose with safety regulations until his criminal negligence led to a massive explosion, killing 29 miners. Don briefly went to prison for this, but he’s back in West Virginia running for the US Senate as a Republican.

Republicans are on the side of mine owners like Blankenship. Democrats are on the side of the miners themselves, looking out for their safety and fair treatment.

If you work in a factory, it’s the Democrats who are on your side. Republicans are on the side of the corporate bosses who treat their workforce as a commodity to be overworked, underpaid and discarded.

Democrats are on the side of farmers – people who work the fields, tend livestock, and harvest and process our food. Republicans are on the side of the corporate food processors who underpay the farmers, overcharge their customers, and overpay themselves.

Republicans are on the side of those who poison our air and water, crush our wages, degrade our quality of life, and muffle our voices thru voter suppression and union busting.

So unless you’re rich, greedy and lacking empathy, the Democrats are on your side. Please remember that in November.

Fall Dinner 2017

The 59th Annual LCDP Fall Dinner Fundraiser was held at the Concordia Ballroom on Saturday, October 21. Speakers for the event were Jim Servais, a farmer from Vernon County and former Vernon County Democratic Party Chair, and Darin Von Ruden, the President of the 5th District Farmers Union. They spoke about issues important to the rural community. We also heard encouraging words from Jill Billings, Steve Doyle and Jennifer Shilling. Jen also auctioned off a beautiful Democratic quilt.

The silent auction was highly successful, with many articles, including baskets of themed items, books, wine, and other donations being sold to the highest bidders. The spaghetti dinner was delicious, as usual, thanks to Loren Kannenberg and his cooking crew.

Many tantalizing appetizers and desserts were also included with the dinner.
There are many additional people to thank, including the college students who helped to set up and take down the tables and chairs, and special thanks to Diane Wulf, who managed our registration table and funds, Carolyn Smith for organizing the appetizers and desserts, and Barb Clark and Kris Troyanek for putting together the silent auction. Kris delivered the food and spent most of the day at the Ballroom, managing the entire volunteer effort and arranging the setup and serving of the meal.

A huge shout-out to everyone who helped make this dinner a success. Please refer to the list of dinner sponsors found at the bottom of this page.

Thank You To Our 2017 Fall Dinner Sponsors

Diana & Jim Birnbaum, Ardus & John Cleveland, Jan Contreras, Doris Doherty-Gasper, Maureen & Robert Freedland, Ken French, Mary Groeschner, Patricia Heim, Alice Holstein, Rocky & George Huber, Tara Johnson & Tim Padesky, Rose Ann Kazmierczak, John Medinger, Patrick Mulrooney, Roz Schnick, Barry & Sheila Schockmel, Barb Schultz, Wanda Spraggon, Theresa Wang, Jim Wiffler, Marilyn Wigdahl, Margaret Wood.