From DPW: National Convention Delegate Selection Plan

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Members,

We hope this email finds you in good health during this difficult time as the COVID-19 outbreak impacts every part of our daily lives and routines. The health and safety of our party members and Democratic supporters is at the forefront of our minds as we plan how we will conduct party business for the foreseeable future. 

With that in mind, we want to inform you that the DPW’s’ Administrative Committee, with the approval of the DNC, voted to enact a number of changes to the process by which we will choose Wisconsin’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. (As a reminder, the Democratic National Convention was recently moved to the week of August 17th.)  Continue reading

One Year To Win Weekend of Action

Please join us in an opportunity to engage with your neighbors. This article is more evidence of why the upcoming “One Year To Win” canvasses on November 2nd and 3rd are so vital: “Wisconsin could decide the 2020 presidential race; both sides are in full battle mode” ( L. A. Times Thursday October 24, 2019).

The La Crosse County Democratic Party is conducting this Weekend of Action from two locations. In Onalaska, we will work from 1343 Pinecrest Lane; and our La Crosse base will be at Java Vino, 2311 State Road (on the NW corner of State Road and Losey Blvd.).

Each site will have four shifts available, three on Saturday and one on Sunday. The Saturday shifts are 9am – noon, noon – 3pm, and 3 – 6pm. Sunday’s shift is from 11am – 2pm.

The response is phenomenal! We have over 60 canvassers signed up already with over a week to go. What an impact we will have if we can send out 100 or more canvassers to learn what inactive voters are thinking!

You can sign up to participate thru the links below:

Onalaska Sat. Nov. 2

Onalaska Sun. Nov. 3

La Crosse Sat. Nov. 2

La Crosse Sun. Nov. 3