These maps will tell you who serves a given area in Congress or in the Legislature. Click on any of the links below to view the map.

Wisconsin Third Congressional District. Currently represented by Congressman Ron Kind, the 3rd CD covers the southwestern corner of Wisconsin from Pierce County in the north to Grant County in the south. It also reaches up the Wisconsin River valley to Portage and Wood Counties.

Wisconsin 94th Assembly District. This is now Steve Doyle’s district, and it includes areas of La Crosse County that are not part of the 95th district; i.e. most of the county outside the City of La Crosse.

Wisconsin 95th Assembly District. Jill Billings’ district encompasses the City of La Crosse along with the Town of Campbell (French Island) and some parts of the Town of Shelby.

Wisconsin 32nd Senate District. Senator Brad Pfaff, Democrat, was elected November 3, 2020 to serve an area defined by the 94th and 95th Assembly Districts (La Crosse County) as well as the 96th District: a large rural area including southwestern Monroe County, most of Vernon County, and all of Crawford County.

La Crosse Council Districts. Even though city races are non-partisan, this map (combined with the list of polling places) will help city residents determine the ward in which they vote.