La Crosse County Democrats endorse Mitch Reynolds for La Crosse Mayor

The La Crosse County Democratic Party (LCDP) endorsed Mitch Reynolds for La Crosse mayor at last night’s March regular meeting.

Mitch Reynold’s values align with progressive values. From environmental concerns to support for a living wage to the protection and empowerment of La Crosse’s lower income and marginalized populations, Mitch advocates for a progressive and equitable agenda that will benefit every citizen of La Crosse.

The LCDP supports Mitch’s City of La Crosse commitment to become carbon neutral by 2050 and to focus city planning on sustainability, improved infrastructure and equity. We share Mitch’s support for Community Development Block Grants to improve the quality and affordability of housing in La Crosse. We applaud his concern for those who rent, and his plans to create better city-wide renter assistance. We endorse the creation of a Citizen Police Oversight Board and the promotion of restorative justice in city policing. We also back Mitch’s plans for improved communication between city hall and citizens.

The LCDP looks forward to helping make Mitch’s goals a reality.