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Monday , October 23rd 2017
To all of those who have showed up at rallies, staged protests, and helped out with the various other resistance activities that have been carried out, we, the La Crosse County Democratic Party givs our thinks. The participation has been magnificent. One rally had over 500 people show up and there is a giant rally being planned for September 23rd to publicize gerrymandering, voter suppression and Trump's "Election Integrity Commission". More details will become available on this at the LCDP Calendar or the website Please plan to attend this rally, learn what is involved, and help make it a success.

The goal of all our efforts is to help progressive/liberal candidates win in the 2018 elections and though it may not seem possible, the start of that campaign cycle is already upon us. Senator Tammy Baldwin is already under attack by untruthful misleading ads paid for by dark shadowy groups and gubernatorial candidates are announcing to run against Walker.

All of this means that the need for volunteers is ramping up and it has perhaps never been so urgent for the election of some responsible adult Democrats who actually care about the people rather than corporations or other special interests. So go to your closets, dig out your volunteer hats, and sign on to get involved. Join the LCDP, attend the Regular Monthly Meeting on the third Monday of the month (see the LCDP events calendar or for specifics), volunteer (use the link at the bottom of this page), and make a difference. Help return Wisconsin to the proud state it was before Walker and be a voice for those who have none.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.

La Crose County Democratic Party Contacts

Co-Chair: Susan Goeldner
(608) 518-6121

Co-Chair: J.D. Wine
(608) 783-0172

Vice-Chair: Paul Kruse
(608) 783-6206

Treasurer: Diane Oldani Wulf
(608) 780-7007

Secretary: Dave Wulf
(608) 799-8977


Sara Bentley

Peter Gorski

Obbie King

Carolyn Smith

Kris Troyanek

Past Chair:
Vicki Burke

College Representative:
Anna Kivi

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